An Invitation to LW Graduates

Graduates Visiting LifeWays Trainings

LifeWays has always welcomed students who have finished their training to visit or attend another training group at cost.  To clarify what this means—especially as trainings these days frequently fill—you are invited to visit in accordance with the following guidelines:

  1. Providing there is enough physical space to accommodate a visitor; if it looks as if a training will fill or not have space, please check with the Director again closer to the dates.
  1. The graduate will attend as a listening visitor, honoring that the current students be given the floor when it is time for questions and discussion.
  1. Graduates who are attending a full 28-day training will pay the $600 supply fee and $420 food fee.
  1. Graduates attending a full week will pay $15/day for food and $15-25 per handwork project.
  1. Graduates attending one of the workshops will pay $15/day for food and $15-$35 for supplies, depending upon the workshop.
  1. Graduates attending only parts of the training will pay $15/day for food and will not participate in music, movement or handwork classes unless they are attending for a full week or the full training.  These are skill-building classes, and the teachers will need to devote full attention to the new students.
  1. Graduates who want to drop in for a one or more lecture/classes (only) and not stay for lunches may do so for no charge, at the discretion of the Director.  Graduates are welcome to attend the graduation and should be invited to do so if there is room.
  1. Graduates will contact the LifeWays bookkeeper (Michael Aldinger) to establish what fees are due and send a check to LifeWays North America in advance of attending. That number is (405) 343-7211 or