Fortify Your Life Forces with Spacial Dynamics®

NEW Zoom Course with Lynn St. Pierre

To truly “be’” with the children – present, warm, clear and joyful – self-care is essential!

Through the practice of Spacial Dynamics we will free up spaces within, and around us, allowing for freedom of movement, and freedom in our work with the children. Our movement will include the Spacial Dynamics exercises as well as hands-on techniques. We’ll also learn a couple of delightful Ellersiek hand gesture, loving touch, or large movement plays for the children! Learn a series of Spacial Dynamics “streams” for our overall health and well-being. Certain of these “streams” invite the young child into a restful state for a nap, quiet time or when a child is distressed. Experience delightful, seasonal developmental movement for the children and Spacial Dynamics streams to soothe the young child. Live in a different time zone?  No problem, you’ll receive a video of the session which you can move with on your own time.  Moving along with the video is also a great way to practice between sessions! For practice of the Ellersiek plays, you’ll receive a video with voice and movements in sync (a non-zoom video). There will be a choice of assignments between each class; these will deepen your self-care practice and increase your awareness in the classroom or home environment with the children.

Dates of the classes are all Saturdays  from Noon to 1:30 Central Time

April 30, May 21, 2022

Cost: $45 per class – register for the months of your choice below.

Not able to make the “live” session?  No problem!  The class will be available via video for one month from the class date or date of purchase if later.

Certificates of participation for up to 4.5 hours will be issued at the end of each season, only for those students who are registered for the entire season, and only for the number of hours the student was present for the live video conference.

About the instructor:  
Lynn St. Pierre joyfully presents developmental movement in the form of loving touch, hand gesture and large movement plays, singing in the mood of the fifth and Spacial Dynamics®  at Waldorf teacher training centers, conferences and schools internationally.  She also offers early childhood workshops and a two-year program at Star Dance Farm, a retreat center by Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Lynn is a certified trainer in the developmental movement for early childhood created by Wilma  Ellersiek and a Spacial Dynamics practitioner.  She was the founding teacher of Apple Song Kindergarten, an innovative parent collective in Lyons, Colorado.  

Monthly Descriptions

September 25th

Create a foundation for healthy life forces throughout the school year!

Whether we know it or not, we are always standing, sitting or moving in relationship to the three planes of space. Are our postural habits and movement signatures serving us? Come with an open mind and a sense of adventure as we explore new ways of being in relationship with the three planes of space. All the while we will have the opportunity to increase our energy, improve our balance, and come to a sense of true freedom. We will build upon this foundation as we work with Spacial Dynamics throughout the school year!

October 23rd

Moving in Freedom toward Imagination, Intuition and Inspiration!

Building on a healthy foundation of movement in the three planes of space, we’ll use Spacial Dynamics to explore the five spaces we live “in” and “out” of. How do we create a safe and creative space for ourselves? For the children? How do we open ourselves for imagination, intuition and inspiration? We’ll move together “in” and “out” of these different spaces and different possibilities!

November 20th

Recharging our Life Forces!

Imagine a school year where you are continually recharging your life forces rather than continually depleting them! Is it even possible when working so intently with young children? JUST COME SEE HOW!!!

With Spacial Dynamics we’ll discover our “backspace” and experience new ways of “being” with the children and our colleagues. Expect to be surprised and delighted with new awareness as we learn simple practices that you may use throughout your day with the children. Join us to begin to develop the habit of recharging your life forces throughout the day and throughout the entire school year!

December 11th

Staying balanced despite the busyness of the holidays!

As the world bombards us with an excess of activities, unrealistic expectations and responsibilities, we tend to contract or even collapse in on ourselves. How do we maintain our spaciousness, power and healthy life forces? Join us to explore the social aspects of Spacial Dynamics, where we choose where and how to meet what comes toward us. Our movement practice will include tools to use to create a more balanced holiday experience for ourselves, our families, and our classrooms. Enter into the holiday season and holy nights with a renewed sense of balance; a renewed sense of Self!

January 22nd

New Year’s Resolutions and Rejuvenations!

Let’s start off the new year moving together and supporting each other in continuing to create a more balanced year, allowing for more warmth, joy and love in every aspect of our lives! New Year’s resolutions? Use this time together to strengthen your resolve as we find new ways of developing habits “spacially” to support your vision for yourself. We’ll try on different Spacial Dynamics forms: which are the best fit for you? Join us as we simply restore our life forces, in meaningful ways as we continue our spacial journey through the year!

February 26th

Love with a Pure Heart…….Spacially!

In Waldorf Education we read about, hear about, and talk about sympathy and antipathy and being in an objective state of mind with the children. But what does this really mean day-to-day? And most importantly, how do we actually DO this? How do we be objective with the children, especially in the most challenging of moments? Join us to explore this fascinating topic through movement: discovering how to be objective in an experiential way. This work also has astonishing benefits in relationships with our significant others!

March 26th

Spring‘s promise of new beginnings!

As King Winter and Lady Spring do their friendly dance, anticipation of new beginnings lives strong in the earth and the elementals. What obstacles live within us, holding us back from all the good new beginnings that awaits us? What’s holding us back from creating newness of life in any area of our lives….be it our relationships, our community, our home, our work, our spiritual practice? Spacially, what is going on with all this? How do we shift our space, becoming open to new possibilities and enriching experiences? Join us in this rich and fulfilling movement exploration….AND be prepared to laugh……A LOT!

April 30th

The joys and delights of new life!

The earth hums with the growth of new life below the surface and sprouting up to the heavens. The children too, hum with the excitement of new life all around them, new life which they are seeing for the first time! The child’s mind, open and free of preconceptions and societal conditioning, free of judgement. How can we embody this too? Come move with us as we explore the spacial aspects the child’s mind, just being: present, open, warm, clear and loving!

May 21st

Celebrate, Celebrate! Let Light and love surround you, everywhere, everywhere, you may go!

Come to celebrate our growth and triumphs through this year of moving with Spacial Dynamics! We have moved in our bodies (all of them!) and brought the benefits of this practice into our lives – into our classrooms, our families, and our communities. As we move together for the last time this school year, we will set the intention to leave behind any strife or sorrow of the school year, and move freely into the expansiveness of summer…… to rejuvenate and play, free to be inspired!

Refund Policy

Fees will be refunded in full up to 7 days prior to the start of the first live session, and at 50% if student cancels enrollment less than a week in advance. Fees are nonrefundable after the first live session begins. 

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