Music for the Young Child

kinderharpMUSIC FOR THE YOUNG CHILD, a 3-video set:

“Kinderharp / Kinderlyre”
“Mood of the Fifth” and
“Music for the Young Child, Grade 1”

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Featured Video: “KinderHarp/KinderLyre” (56 minutes)

New from LifeWays and the Association for Waldorf Music Education (AWME)

with Sheila Johns (AWME) and Bianca Lara, Director of the LifeWays Training in San Diego

This video will get you started with your kinderlyre and expand your ability to use it with children from birth through age six.  Learn how to string and then tune your kinderlyre as a practice in developing listening and sensitivity to pitch.  Holding the lyre and fingering are demonstrated to produce free tones, progressing from using single tones or streaming with simple songs; Johns uses a Choroi kinderharp, but her demonstrations can be adapted to other models.  She also demonstrates using fifths when tuning or accompanying songs and how to use both hands to play more advanced songs.

The kinderlyre can support you in your sensitivity to tone, in your singing, and in creating songs for your children. Bianca provides examples from how she has used the kinder lyre throughout the year, including how she uses it to prepare the space in her LifeWays program, to support her singing with the children, and to help with naptime.

A valuable video for beginners and those who have had a kinderharp for a long time!

The set includes two more bonus videos for Waldorf teachers and home schoolers:

“Mood of the Fifth,” with Sheila Johns (1hr.19min.), provides a detailed explanation of the pentatonic scale, where the notes come from and why it is especially suited to children before the 9-year change.  The “mood of the fifth” is also explained, and why it’s streaming and mirroring qualities around the note “A” especially reflect and support the youngest children. This video provides background information for teachers and parents who want to understand what lies behind the songs for young children that can sound so simple in themselves.

“Music for the Young Child, Grade 1” with Andrea Lyman, President of AWME (55 minutes). The first half of this video presents a singing and movement circle as it would be done with a first grade class. It includes a greeting song, a movement story with Jack and Jill that progresses into song about snow and moonbeams in the woods.  All the songs are pentatonic/mood of the fifth, and the repetition, variation, use of story and movement are valuable for Waldorf teachers and home schooling parents to experience. The circle ends with wooden flutes being played to represent animals in the forest. The second half is a discussion of music and how it progresses from the mood of the fifth in first grade to the more familiar diatonic scale by the end of third grade. Gesturing and avoiding a strong beat with young children are also discussed.

Other Resources:

How to Tune a Pentatonic Lyre/Kinder Lyre/Kinder Harp, with Sarah Baldwin Click here.

The Mood of the Fifth. A Musical Approach to Early Childhood, a new book edited by Nancy Foster, from Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America (WECAN). Click here.

Pentatonic Kinder Harps (Choroi, Song of the Sea and others) from Bella Luna Toys Click here.

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