Saying YES to My Older Self

Dearie, Hon, Sweetie: Saying ‘Yes’ to My Older Self by Cynthia Aldinger                Hmmm?   Not sure when it happened the first time – it may actually have gone unnoticed but I seriously doubt it!  “Here, let me help you with that, sweetie.”  “How kind,” I probably thought and accepted assistance with gratitude.  “Here you go, …

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Saying YES to Nudges

  Nudges for Transformation By Missy Whaley, Certified Lifeways Instructor, Home Program; Rainbowheart and Wings.  M.F.A. Dance, L.M.T. I say yes to nudges. What are nudges? They are the whispers in our souls that guide us to our purposefulness. I celebrate the courage and strength it has taken and takes to follow these nudges. My …

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Saying YES to Motherhood

By Mara Spiropoulos                As I sit here writing, momentarily free of my children, I find myself reflecting on all that our family has recently experienced. My husband lost his job about five months ago, and because of this we have had our fair share of financial difficulties, which …

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Thoughts on Reverence, by Belinda Kenwood

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From my head to my feet,I am the image of God.From my heart to my hands,I feel the breath of God.When I speak with my mouth,I follow God’s will.When I see God everywhere,In Mother, Father, in all dear people,In beast and flower, tree and stone,Then nothing brings fearBut love to all that is around me.                     …

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LifeWays on the National Stage

Child's Garden of Thyme.jpg

    Bianca Lara, LifeWays graduate and director of A Child’s Garden of Thyme in San Diego county, has been selected to participate in Michelle Obama’s upcoming “Let’s Move America” campaign webinar.  The campaign is focused on reducing childhood obesity, and the webinars will serve as resources to childcare centers across America to help reduce screen-time, get …

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