Parents and Professionals: Join the (r)evolution and transform your life with young children!

With life as the curriculum and home as the model, LifeWays takes its inspiration from the roots of Waldorf Education and the developmental research of Rudolf Steiner and others. Enroll in our year-long programs or introductory online courses to deepen your home life or inspire your work with young children.

“An abundance of love; an awakening to purpose; a rebirth of mind, heart, and soul.”

– Wendy Werner, LifeWays graduate

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Transform your life with young children!

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LifeWays Early Childhood Certification

  • Learn through 215 in-class hours plus mentoring and Integration of Learning activities

LifeWays Early Childhood Fundamentals Course

  • Choice of locations for a five-day intensive retreat
  • Followed by 50 hours of online mentor-supported content and discussion throughout the year

Online Courses

  • Introductory courses you take from home
  • CEUs for early childhood teachers and caregivers

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LifeWays Early Childhood Programs

  • Early childhood care and education
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