Celebrating Seasonal Festivals

We are delighted to offer a series of four workshops to enlighten and deepen your own relationship to the festivals of the year. Included in all four sessions are singing, movement and games, food preparation (and eating!), discussion and handwork of all kinds. The overall content may be different from what has been taught in the full year LifeWays Trainings so see it as an opportunity to learn many new things!

These workshops are offered as a series of four sessions at $350.00 per person with lunch and all supplies included. There are no refunds for dates you cannot attend but you are welcome to find someone to take your place or share the cost. Enrollment is limited!

For questions contact Marianne Alsop or Kate Hammond

Fall Festivals
September 8, 2018 – Saturday 9am to 4 pm at Marin Waldorf School
Come and learn about the fall festivals connected to courage, harvesting and the waning of the light. In this workshop you will learn new ways of celebrating, have a chance to create your own traditions and make items for your seasonal table.

Winter Festivals
November 3, 2018 – Saturday, 9am to 4 pm at Marin Waldorf School
Winter is a time of darkness, when we celebrate the light within as a new birth. Looking at renewal, contemplation and bringing peace you will learn how to make something seasonal for your family or play garden to take home; as well as songs, poems, rhymes and a greater understanding of this time of year.

Spring Festivals
February 16, 2019 – Saturday 9am to 4 pm at Marin Waldorf School
When the plant world begins to flourish and sprout, the festivals take on a new, hopeful quality. Learn how to engage young children in seasonal activities related to springtime! You will create something to take home to enhance your living space and reflect the uplifting nature of spring.

Summer Festivals
April 6, 2019 – Saturday 9am to 4 pm at Marin Waldorf School
Learn about summer festivals which reflect the joyous and abundant nature of summer! Discover new activities to do in your play garden or home that encourage engagement, gratitude and the mood of warmth! You will create something beautiful for your seasonal table or home.

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