Continuation Program Synopsis

Co-Directors Rena Osmer and Cynthia Aldinger invite you to join them in deepening your work with The Living Arts and to build on all you learned in the first half of this program, the LifeWays Early Childhood Training. The Continuation Program will emphasize “Developing Joy as the Foundation of our Work” while studying Steiner’s indications behind Waldorf education and the practicalities of applying them in a classroom setting.                                                                                                                 Learn more (includes an online application for LifeWays graduates).

SUMMER 2018 (11 days)

KNOW THYSELF, KNOW THE WORLD!  A deep and joyous dive into anthroposophical studies, child development, storytelling/marionettes, therapeutic aspects of early childhood education, child study, first grade readiness, transitions, rhythms and rituals of the early childhood classroom, movement journeys for circle time, and continuing personal artistic development in eurythmy, music and speech.  There will also be focused preparation for your teaching practicum with an experienced early childhood teacher.  Rena Osmer will be Lead Teacher for this summer session and guest teacher Laurie Clark will bring her expertise in the therapeutic understanding and art of teaching young children.

AUTUMN 2018 (5 Days)

HEALTHY FOUNDATIONS!  In addition to continued anthroposophical studies, we will deepen our work with nutrition and sleep and learn how to develop delightful circle time experiences for children, tailored to your personal geographic region. The session will be capped with a beautiful Winter Spiral Festival. Susan Silverio, long-time Waldorf early childhood educator, will be our Lead Teacher for this session, supported by our local Kimberton educators.

SPRING 2019 (7 Days)

UNFOLDING!   Using the heart-expanding story of Parzival as a backdrop, we will continue our exploration of Biography in the realms of the individual, the evolving Earth, and the living being of a school, supported by excerpts from Esoteric Science and The Study of Man by Rudolf Steiner–whose personal biography will also be revisited.  As always, we will continue the joyous work with music and movement and add the experience of form drawing.

SUMMER 2019 (10 Days)

“The WISHES of the soul are springing, The DEEDS of the will are thriving, The FRUITS of life are ripening.”   ~ Rudolf Steiner

We will focus on forging meaningful relationships with parents and colleagues and ways to develop clear and inspiring communications and a healthy culture for school meetings.  Rena Osmer will lead the morning study on Esoteric Science, weaving in artistic activity.  Rena and Sharifa Oppenheimer will guide further deepening of rhythms, rituals and transitions in the early childhood classroom, accompanied by watercolor painting and beeswax modelling.  We will continue with music and movement for self-development and plan to bring further work with Wilma Ellersiek’s gesture games for the children. Time will be set aside for a rich sharing of everyone’s practicum work, and the session will culminate with a beautiful commencement.

Learn more (includes an online application for LifeWays graduates).